Make Your Plan to Vote FOR 428!

Nebraskans have 3 ways to vote FOR measure 428 in the November 3 election:

  1. Vote by mail

    Voting by mail is quick, easy and safe. Some counties in Nebraska have all mail-in elections, while others require voters to request a mail-in ballot.

    • Requesting a mail-in ballot:
      Any registered Nebraska voter can vote by mail! Click here to download and fill out the application to vote by mail, then mail your application to your county election office right away -- you can find the address of your county election office here. (Some counties may allow you to fax or email your vote by mail application -- check with your county election office to confirm!)

      We recommend that you request your mail-in ballot no later than October 16th to ensure it arrives at your home with enough time for you to return it before Election Day. 

      NOTE: Eleven counties will be conducting an all-mail election, where all active voters are sent ballots as early as October 14. Those counties are: Boone, Cedar, Cherry, Clay, Dawes, Dixon, Garden, Knox, Merrick, Morrill, and Stanton.

    • Returning a mail-in ballot:
      There are two ways you can return your ballot: by mailing it to your county election office or by dropping it off at a secure dropbox site. Secure dropbox sites can be found at all county election offices, and some counties -- such as Douglas and Lancaster -- have additional dropbox sites located throughout the county.

      Contact your county election office to learn about dropbox sites near you. 

      If you choose to return your ballot by mail, we recommend mailing it no later than October 23rd to ensure it arrives at your county election office on time. 

      You CANNOT drop your ballot off at your polling place.

  1. Vote early in-person

    You can vote early in-person at your county election office from October 5 until November 2. Click here to find the address and contact information for your county election office

    Days and times to vote may vary by county, so check with your county election office!

  1. Vote in-person on Election Day

    Polling places are open on Tuesday, November 3 from 8am-8pm CT, or 7am - 7pm MT.

    Click here to find your polling location.

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Click here to register to vote (or to change your address on file). The online voter registration deadline is Friday, October 16 -- so register as soon as possible!

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